Tips for Parents


How Parents Can Help:


1. Show an interest in the music study of your child.

2. Arrange a regular time for your child to practice.

3. Find a quiet place where they can practice without interruption.

4. Help them with their practice as much as possible by counting, studying, music texts, etc.

5. Help the student keep a daily record of their practice for accountability.

6. Give them a safe place to keep their instrument.

7. Make sure you help your student get the necessary accessories for his instrument such as reeds, mutes, oil, and slide grease. All students should have a metronome and tuner.

8. Be very careful with instruments. The cost of repairs is very high.

9. Help your child to be prepared and on time for each rehearsal and lesson. Even though private study is not required, it is strongly recommended as an extension of the classroom.

10. Make faithful attendance at all activities important.

11. Encourage your child to play for others when the opportunity arises, in the home, at school, church and in the community.

12. Read your emails and check the website frequently.

13. Work with your student on how to manage their time between band and school work.


1. Keep a record of the students various musical activities.

2. Notify the teacher in advance if the student is to be absent or tardy at lessons, rehearsals, etc., and explain why.

3. See that they take their instrument and music to school.

4. Teach them to be punctual at lessons and rehearsals.

5. See that your child keeps up with classroom studies and makes up work they missed.

6. Visit rehearsals and lessons occasionally.

7. Discuss with your music teachers anything that will help them to better understand your child.

8. Attend concerts and other performances whenever possible.

9. Join and Attend Band Booster meetings whenever possible.

10. Volunteer for parent committees.

11. Purchase band spirit wear and wear items to all band functions.