Frequently Asked Questions


How Does My Child Join Band?

Contact the band director through email ( as soon as you know you will be attending Dauphin Junior High School.  When you meet with our counselor and fill out your enrollment form be sure to notate that your student would like to join band!

What Classes Do I Register for?

If you have no prior experience on a band instrument, you will be enrolled in one of our three Beginning Band Classes.

Beginning Woodwinds: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone
Beginning Brass: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba
Beginning Percussion (Limited to 15 students): Drums, Mallet Instruments (Beginning Percussion students are required to learn a complete percussion curriculum.)

When filling out your registration form, you will simply select BEGINNING BAND, and we will ensure your student is tested for instrument aptitude and placed in the correct class.

If you have one or more years completed on a band instrument, you will sign up for Concert Band. Should your student show exceptional ability, they could be moved up to Symphonic Band. Symphonic Band is an auditioned ensemble with instrumentation limits.

How does a student join the Jazz Band?

All students with one or more years of experience on a band instrument are welcome to participate in Jazz Band! Let Mr. Compton know if you would like to add Jazz Band to your schedule. Exceptional Beginning Band students may be asked to join the Jazz Band in January. Instrumentation limits may be instituted if necessary.

What is the after school schedule for the Band Program?

Generally, students will have 1-2 after school rehearsals per concert cycle. We try to minimize these to respect your time as much as possible. Any extra-curricular activities will be communicated no less than two weeks in advance.

All after school rehearsals are required and will be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Occasionally you may run into an unavoidable and major conflict with rehearsal.  Please contact the directors regarding the conflict before the rehearsal.  All absences must be approved except for sickness (not at school that day or you checked out) or an emergency situation.

Can you do band and …….?

The answer to this is almost always YES. We have current or former students that have participated in almost every school organization, taken every advanced core class, played every sport, and were able to do band all 4 semesters of junior high.  Sometimes being in band year-round takes some creativity and planning, but it is possible.

For students involved with school-related athletics or activities that interferes with band rehearsals or performances, please contact the directors.  This is discussed on an individual basis.

How much does it cost to be in band?

Class fees are listed below. They are due by September 1st and covers the student's Band Book, T-Shirt, Music, and Binder. If you have any issue paying these fees, please contact your director and we are happy to make arrangements with you. 

Symphonic/ Concert Band Fee: $40

Beginning Band Woodwinds/ Brass Fee: $40

Beginning Percussion Fee: $175 (Note: this fee includes all required materials for the class, which you keep)

Jazz Band Fee: $30

School Owned Instrument Fee: $50

Replacement Book Fee: $15

Replacement Binder Fee: $5

In addition to these fees, students are expected to have a working instrument and maintenance supplies associated with them. If you are having trouble getting an instrument, contact Mr. Compton. There are a limited number of School-Owned instruments available. 

How do I get an instrument?

Band instruments are typically rented or purchased by the student. Information about purchasing an instrument can be found by clicking HERE